truly open automated fare collection system

Cost effective & easy to roll out
Electronic ticketing & automated fare collection platform
Based on industry recognized open standards

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Main Advantages

Why public transport professionals choose ELBIUS

Lower Costs

Cheaper than you think, yet keeping extensive functionality

We offer to minimize investments in fare technologies & optimize operating costs without compromising overall quality & reliability

Open Platform

We use open standards to provide better security & functionality

Also, it helps to form an equal, mutually beneficial relationship between Customer & System Supplier

Advanced Technology

NFC payments made easy

Online sale & topup of electronic tickets

Data processing in the cloud

Who benefits from ELBIUS

Our fare collection & electronic payment solution is good for

Public Transport Operators

No matter how big or small you are, how many buses & routes you operate & serve, ELBIUS is here to help you increase revenues, optimize costs & attract more passengers

Transportation Authorities

ELBIUS offers an efficient approach to organizing & managing public transportation services in your city and/or region

It also helps to increase your farebox recovery ratio, which means real budget savings


They get better transportation services, convenient ways to purchase tickets and opportunities to save their money by paying in advance

How ELBIUS works

Our system consists of various components which work together to help you achieve your goals

Fare Media

Electronic ticketing media in various form factors, such as contactless cards, including bank cards, NFC enabled smartphones


Electronic ticket validation equipment for placement in public transport vehicles. It interacts with fare media and stores & transmits data to the central server


System core (either in cloud or customer-hosted) which processes all data, forms reports, manages all system related activities

About us

People is our main asset

We are a team of IT-specialists who have extensive positive experience in implementation of innovative information technologies for the public transportation industry. We always try to solve our customers' issues, rather than our own ones. We understand that, in our fast-pacing world, conventional and often outdated approaches don't usually work. That is why we bring you innovative, yet simple to implement & use solutions with proven positive results.

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We helped more than 30 bus companies increase their revenues by 10%, on average. We believe, we can help you, too!